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    How to talk with a stranger

    It’s not unusual yet not easy to talk to a stranger. To start a conversation, is complete mental mechanics. Some people make a complete structure in mind that how they will proceed, however some just go with outburst conversation in a casual mode. Both are good it’s not necessary to be formal always yet it’s not ok to be casual with a stranger at first instance. Here are some considerable ways to talk to a stranger. By following them one can easily go in flow of meaningful conversation with each other.

    ➣ When you need to talk to a stranger, this is very important to acknowledge to whom you are going to talk? Is that a male or a female? So, respect giving conduct is most important accordingly.

    ➣ Maintaining a suitable social distance reflects that you are an upholder of social etiquettes.

    ➣ Always give polite gestures. Don’t push anyone to interact with you.

    ➣ Greet the person in a quick friendly way keeping in view the age, gender specifically & be flexible in the way other is comfortable to greet you if you belong to two different cultural backgrounds.

    ➣ Always go for a small talk, introduce yourself briefly break the ice learn about stranger & drop his name in the conversation often to keep intact his interest.

    ➣ Talk about general topics or about the things around you.

    ➣ Raise some smart open ended questions like questions of current event of social interest.

    ➣ Share your common interest or find some common grounds.

    ➣ Be an active listener, it shows empathy & is a compassionate way to give respect & time to others.

    ➣ Don’t prolong the conversation, you must know that when it is suitable to wind up the talk, try to end it up within 10 to 15 minutes with a complimentary note. In this way, you can initiate talk with a stranger & can have comfortable interaction and can spend some time memorable however wonderful time with one another.


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