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    Facts you never knew about relationships

    To start a relationship is not a big deal but to remain intact with it, is truly a skilled art. Let’s study some interesting facts about relationships.

    ➣ To develop a relationship is a determined skill not knowledge. However it’s an important subject yet we don’t teach partnership.

    ➣ Everyone don’t share the same things in life, they even don’t develop same memories of things.

    ➣ Money, time, kids are assets not issues in sustaining relationships.

    ➣ Trust, tolerate and respect is the key to any strong relationship.

    ➣ Many people think they made mistake in choosing their partners because they take hasty decisions or they look an exterior being and ignore minor issues before bond. Later, those minor issues become major and they regret only.

    ➣ Arguing doesn’t reflect bad relationships rather it depicts there is contradiction in certain point of views of both.

    ➣ A person with Positive mindset can easily outweighs the negative views.

    ➣ Coincidences shares something, we need to recognize that nothing is accidental. There is some hidden truth, some clues or indications for us to understand & make relations better or quit them for good.

    ➣ You get exactly what you give. If you give love, respect you will get in return but possibilities of something different is always there in a real world.

    ➣ No body remains the same ever, nature can remain static but its nurturing of society, circumstances & varied situation that can create strong impact on someone’s changed behavior. However, we don’t want to understand it & accept it.

    ➣ We are always ready for battle with our opponents. However, we forgot the importance of forgiveness, it can give a new vibrant start to a dying relationship.

    ➣ We always want to change the world. In reality, we need to Change our self.

    ➣ Don’t forget to acknowledge, all have different approach to life, we ought to support & respect them for a better relationship.

    ➣ Sometimes it’s necessary for some people to go for good.

    ➣ Always appreciate and compliment those who supports you.

    ➣ In some relationships, Going to a distance really works to make real-time decision what they meant to us.

    ➣ Small good gestures leads to good gains.

    ➣ It’s not necessary to stick to your Commitment, if other don’t care about anything. You need to review, don’t contain yourself in this boundary.

    ➣ Doubts & suspecting others are the guns that can rapidly fire any relationship.

    ➣ When you start feeling about something you can feel their voice in your head even if you are reading their text.

    ➣ People who cheat in relationships often look here & there while communicating.

    ➣ Girls often like mature but funny guys.

    ➣ Boys fall into love quicker than a girl.

    ➣ Happy married couples can spring a more healthy & talented generation.

    ➣ A good relationship can boost your self-esteem & your credibility.

    ➣ To choose a person to connect is a choice but to stay in, is not.

    ➣ Good memories can’t be steal however bad memories can’t be heal. So, you can relate your relationships to some of the facts stated above. Relationships are like flowers, the more we water them with positive emotions the more they grow with it. If we pour water of hatred, fear, jealousy, hypocrisy on it, it forebears the same. Our heart is like a tree, if we fill up our heart with positive vibes, it will grow a tree of love & bear fruits of trust, respect & care inside it.


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