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    How to be more social & less awkward

    Socializing is important for good mental health. It allows people to come out of their stagnant routines, relax & take pleasure in their desired social set up. It open gate way for interactions, it gives opportunity to peep into society, societal behaviors and social taboos. It also let us observe different beliefs, perspectives & cultures. Furthermore, it provides exposure to varied personality types, expands the horizon of thinking thus contributing in making life active & lively. Now the question arises how to be more social & less awkward. Both these can’t go together we need to manage control many things to become Social Savvy. Let’s list out major points to overcome awkwardness to become more socially efficient.

    ➣ Identify your Social anxiety learn to control them. Act confidently with your gestures & talk even if you blush, shake or sweat.

    ➣ Always join any event with greeting remarks this reflects presence of someone & allow others to welcome you.

    ➣ Be true & real, present yourself as you are. Stop thinking that what other people think about you.

    ➣ Learn social etiquettes to be part of any social gatherings.

    ➣ Focus on your looks, your dress up & style it should be decent and apt to the event. Don’t compare yourself with others.

    ➣ Tone of voice matters a lot, it should be polite, and you must know the correct timings, learn to use meaningful complimentary words sparingly. One must have grip in communication that when to crack joke, when by adding some humor in the situation can make fiery or odd situation light.

    ➣ Word Over is very important to avoid , 1.Overacting 2.Over reacting 3.Over talking 4.Over thinking 5.Over sharing So, avoid them

    ➣ Mature Disciplined attitude always create a good image among others. Indiscipline behavior is always awkward & it creates more difficulty to ingratiate into the social event. Always take any event as a learning opportunity.

    ➣ If situation becomes awkward, remember talk to yourself & convince your inner that it’s not only for you it’s for everyone present there, so, embrace it. Try to change the topic or lighten up the talk.

    ➣ Integrate yourself with those people who have natural social instincts and are more gregarious or with those who posses polished social skills, it can reduce the fear of feeling yourself misfit or awkward in any festive.

    ➣ An Efficient listener is always a good speaker. Try to listen more, it shows your kind, open, compassionate and friendly nature.

    ➣ Talk only when it’s necessary. Silently observing or listening gives you more time for self talk to yourself & help you decide how to respond. Prefer small talk, search for common grounds, talk about the things you see around you.

    ➣ Asks Questions which usually starts with alphabet W & H like when, why, who, what, how etc. Questions starting with these words can keep conversation going. Avoid certain topics like Religion, Politics, and Economics etc.

    ➣ Don’t try to impose your beliefs & values on others rather practice curiosity in people. To sum up, if you want to be less awkward then follow these tips. This will in turn help you in becoming more socially active, vigilant & and makes you less awkward in any social event.


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