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    4-Counterintuitive Secrets of Happiness


    Satisfaction is the key to true happiness. Now the question arises how to be satisfied? Everyone can define their own satisfaction parameters. It’s something that lies in the brain. One has to realize that at what point one brain has wired to satisfaction. To wire someone’s brain sometimes they need a profound shock of circumstances, unusual happenings & much more.

    Some people feel contented in pursuing their material gains; some feel satisfied while being with the people they like, some associate their happiness to their defined goals. Some want freedom in everything while others desire to live a volunteer life to serve humanity. Life is mystery, so make formulas of life & learn how you can feel satisfied.

    Once you realized it, then, new horizons of happiness are awaiting you. Accept Harsh Realities of life Accepting harsh Realities of life is another way to convince ourselves that this will happen but we need to find out a way to be happy in all happenings of life. When we start avoiding realities, we actually push ourselves to mental complications, behavior disorders, anxiety and depression which are a silent killer to Counterintuitive happiness.

    We need to counsel our brain, talk to our mind, confront with our thought and force it to believe that thorns never come without flowers. The problem is just we can’t see it or we don’t want to see it. Look at this universe, everything has contrasting features day follows night, light overcome darkness, breeze follows hurricane. Life is unpredictable journey so why to waste time to make it predictable. Stop blaming people, stop hurting yourself just enjoy this journey and float with the wave of rest or tempest; finally you will reach some point.

    As Bennet says, Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. “ Life is too short to be unhappy. ” Meditation & Religious Offerings Meditation is another way to gain internal peace and happiness. Every one desires to live in its own world. Meditation temporary gives freedom to our body & soul to be free from its self, its belongings, forget worries & start feeling an aura of dire peace around you. Religious offerings also give true happiness by purgation of negativity & purification of soul which in turn give such counterintuitive happiness that a person can feel he is reborn again. 


    Optimism seems a very ordinary word but to achieve optimist state is something very extraordinary. It is achieved by embracing a positive mindset in every walk of life. An optimist person can achieve anything in his thought process which can force him to achieve it practically. Optimism is a faith that leads to achievement; it’s a conviction with our self that we can make everything better.

    There are many quotes that highlights the importance of Optimism, ‘Where there is a hope; there is a way’. At another instance, Roy quoted, “ Believe in you. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine ”, and “ Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying ”. So, we can say life is hope & hope is life where they are both Happiness alive. Life has no remote just get up and change it yourself follow these secrets and grab Counterintuitive Happiness & enfold new chapters of life.


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